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Baselworld Becomes Houruniverse

By Attireclub @attireclub

The last months have been a real challenge for Baselworld, the Swiss watch and jewelry fair. The organizers of the event had to fight not just the ongoing global crisis, but also the fact that many brands had pulled out of the show, leaving a great question mark above it. There have been many speculations about it, whether it will move to Geneva, Lausanne or whether it will completely disappear and the last months of silence indicated that the organizers are figuring out the answers to all those questions.

The news recently broke out that a new platform will be created, which will be called HOUR UNIVERSE.

The new concept will be focused on the idea of community and not just on buyers and sellers, but also on the end consumer. They even have a new slogan, which says "It's We Time, " indicating their vision shift.

The MCH Group also announced that there will be a show held in Basel next year (in 2021), which will take place in April and will be aligned with Watches & Wonders in Geneva so that those who are traveling to Switzerland for the fairs should not come twice. So far, W&W has not announced any dates, but it is speculated that the Geneva show will start as of April 15, as, beginning with that date, you can barely book any room in any hotel in the city.

The Basel fair has a long history of reinventing and rebranding itself (we wrote about in the Spring 2018 issue of InCompany by Attire Club), and now it is faced with a new forced reimagining of itself.

There are lots of questions looming in the air about the new event and the digital platform, but time will tell how these will evolve and whether they will be extremely successful or not.

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