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Barry Law Cfo Arrested for Embezzlement

By Therealmcteag @therealmcteag

 When I attended Barry they were using Convict Labor to finish a well below code building, turns out that criminals have administration jobs there too!

Ive written several posts about Barry School of Law here. Their sins are impossible to count. Some include- Lying to the ABA and national publications to the tune of deducting 75% of the cost of a degree, which made them a top bargain and happened just in time, coincidentally, for them to increase class sizes. Then theres the policy of having a minimum GPA so low that not even straight A’s can save you in the next semester(this is called ‘separating a fool  from his money’).  All the while scraping the bottom of the barrel for unqualified people, like me, who NEVER should have been accepted to a law school (only every other school in America passed on me, right?). Their IT situation is late 90’s at best, not supportive of the newer computers a student would but if the wished to have the best equipment for the job. Example- While they knew many apple products wouldn’t work there they never told the students.

Lastly and most disgustingly- if youre disabled they’ll hide behind Catholic School status and simply not comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Welp, one of their admins is on his way to being a jailbird…..Go Figure!!

Im a simple blogger, not a hardened crime reporter, so heres the article from the Orlando Sentinel–

Ex-school CFO charged after spending $50K on drinks, other expenses

Gabrielle Russon

Gabrielle RussonContact Reporter

School CFO uses his corporate credit card to spend thousands on dinners with friends and drinks at Hooters.

The ex-chief financial officer at a law school with an Orlando campus is accused of spending $50,000 with his work credit card to buy drinks at Hooters, dine his friends and pay for his personal utility bills, court records show.

John LaTorre, the former CFO at Barry University’s Law School, has been charged with felony grand theft in the second degree.

A witness told authorities that LaTorre used the American Express corporate card “excessively and and made unauthorized transactions” from February 2014 through June 2015, according to the arrest affidavit.

The affidavit also said LaTorre wrote checks to himself.

On Tuesday police arrested LaTorre, a 56-year-old who lives in Broward County’s Hallandale Beach.

After he heard his Miranda rights, LaTorre admitted “he was aware he made personal transactions on the university’s corporate account,” the affidavit said.

Barry University is a private school headquartered in Miami Shores, with an Orlando campus located at 6441 E. Colonial Dr.

According to LaTorre’s LinkedIn page, he has worked at the law school since January 2014.

When contacted Thursday, Barry University officials declined to comment on the allegations or LaTorre’s employment history except to say he is no longer employed at the law school.

“The University continues to work with law enforcement on an active investigation, therefore we cannot comment any further,” the university said in a written statement.

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