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Bargain Hunting #6

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax

Bargain Hunting #6
This week I wanted to take a look to see is it cheaper to do a grocery shop online?
Every week for a year, I have always ordered my food shopping online and had it delivered.
I found when Maxwell was younger I was always tempted to buy things I did not need such as new clothes or new toys, however when I do my shopping online I get what I need and only that.I am able to stick to my budget as I can see what is going in the basket. If the price is too much at the end I can easily remove the "treats" we do not need wheres in store I would not be able to do this very easily.
The negatives I find with shopping online is that I do have to pay for delivery and I am unable to use coupons on my online shop however my whole experience is easier and cheaper than when I go to the supermarket.
 Every few weeks I end up going to the supermarket and buying products that I have coupons for. I do not make a special trip to go there.
I recently found a site which is very handy. You are able to compare prices between supermarkets online so you can really make sure you are getting the most for your money
We usually shop at Tesco so I would pop on to mysupermarket and start shopping. I compare the products in my basket as I go and if I find products that make my shop cheaper than at Tesco I can switch to another store and get my shopping from there instead.
Do you like to shop online or do you love shopping in store? 

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