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Bargain Hunting #18

By Maxwell1212 @MummyToTheMax

Bargain Hunting #18
Freecycle, Freegle, Gumtree and Facebook groups allow you to recycle stuff you don’t need by advertising it to people in your local area. You advertise it for free and wait for someone to message you asking if they can have it. This is a easy way to de-clutter and a lot of people use the sites meaning items are normally snapped up the same day.
If you are budget conscious and would rather re-use than buy new, then you should be looking to see if there is a group running in your area. The groups are perfect for families, couples or even singles. People list small things on the groups such as clothes to large things such as furniture. A quick search on my local Freecycle group bought up these 2 items - A piano and a 3 piece suite.
Bargain Hunting #18Bargain Hunting #18
Some items people add onto the groups are broken or the sofa may have a rip. I always find it best to find out what condition the item is in before agreeing to having it. I also find out if the item can be repaired and if so, how much would it cost me to repair it.
You shouldn’t ask for items because you want free stuff or want to make money out of peoples stuff they are giving away from free. People can find out and the groups will simply ban you.
Some groups ask for you to give stuff away for free before you are allowed to ask for other items. A good thing to start off with is old cups and plates. I often list the mugs you find in Easter eggs on free groups and people often collect for fundraisers.
If there is a lot of interest in a item someone has listed, the person getting rid of the item or admin for the group may ask why you need the item. They will then go ahead and let the person who they think is more "needy" have it. Sometimes this can be a little unfair however I always find items come along like a bus and there are plenty more items to come, so don't get disheartened.  
Please remember to stay safe at all times. If you are off to collect a item make sure someone knows where you are going.

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