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Barbacoa Rodizio Restaurant Now in Milan! ¡Restaurante De Rodizio Barbacoa Ahora Tambien En Milán!

By Juanas6s6nses @JuanitaNieto_
ENG. Last week in my flight back from Rome I was reading the Alitalia magazine out of boredom... There was nothing interesting until I saw an ad for the Barbacoa restaurant! At first my eyes couldn't believe it, is this the same restaurant that I went to when I was in São Paulo, Brazil? The amazing rodizio restaurant where I almost gained 5 pounds with all the good meat I ate with my Mexican friend Hugo? So I had to look at it again, and oh yeah it is the same Barbacoa! They had just opened one here in Milan! And guess who is planning to go ASAP: me la Juana!
The Barbacoa restaurant is a rodizio restaurant originally from Sãi Paulo Brazil. It is a high level churrasqueria with premium meat! As they say on their website they are more than a steakhouse, they are an experience.
I went to this restaurant last September when I was in São Paulo and I have to confess the experience was sublime! All kinds of meat such as Sirloin, ribs, steak, lamb, fish, pork, and the meat was tender and so so good!
This is how rodizio works: they give you a button with a red and a green side, so you can tell when to stop and when to keep bringing the meat to your plate! Guys I cannot express how happy I am now that there is a restaurant like this in Milan! I grew up eating meat, I am literary a carnivore and I love it! Can't wait to go to the restaurant in Milan and I hope it is as good as the one in São Paulo! If you guys want to experience this wonderful restaurant they have restaurants in São Paulo, Brasilia, Salvador, Tokyo, Osaka and now Milan. If you get a chance to be in any of the cities I mentioned above please visit the restaurant, it is totally worth it!
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Barbacoa 1
Photo courtesy from milanonotte.it
Barbacoa 2
Barbacoa Milano, photo courtesy from milanonotte.it
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