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Barack’s War Anthem

Posted on the 28 August 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Guest posetd by tim, The Godless Heathen

Barack’s War Anthem

All Democrat wars are righteous and true,
The blood of those killed isn’t red but a dark shade of blue
The streets aren’t clogged with peaceniks and their sign,
When a Democrat’s in the White House it’s party time

Who cares about scandals, no time for that today,
The wag of the dog means there will be hell to pay
“Find me a war!”,  Prez Obama does plead,
No excuses have I, for all the scandals that are me

Find me a cause, somebody I can screw,
I must bomb someone, anyone will do
My party will back me, that’s how it will be,
For I’m Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro, you can trust me, you’ll see…

The CinC stutters and stammers “Let me be clear”,
Some redline crossed, his teleprompter near
All doubts are nuanced, the hypocrisy blurred,
The nation’s woes neglected, forgotten, thus never cured

Permission from Congress is certainly not needed,
The UN can forget about any groveling or pleading
Nothing to stop me, I’m Peace Prized already,
So it’s bombs away, Generals, and keep it steady

Any war I start is most righteous and true,
The blood of those killed isn’t red but a pretty shade of blue
The streets are free of those peaceniks and their silly sign,
‘Cause Barry’s in The House and it’s big ole party time

Tim D. aka The Godless Heathen

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