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Barack Obama's Diary: Tornado Watch

Posted on the 07 October 2013 by Hughvw
Barack Obama's Diary: Tornado watch Dear Diary, Here I am sheltering under the Resolute Desk, expecting a twister to ravage D.C. I was only told of this possibility a few minutes ago and, being the decisive leader that I am, I weighed my options and took the best. available. I am using the time to make a few calls to check that the public are feeling the lash of the shutdown. I  have  particularly pleased with the Park Service, who are preventing people from visiting private businesses accessed from federal land. They have even evicted elderly home owners on public land at Lake Mead. They have also prevented over-sentimental veterans from visiting The WW2 memorial, and the Vietnam memorial. I don't know why there's a Vietnam memorial because there is still a Vietnam. I must establish an award for these  dedicated public servants. The Order of Obama, maybe. Biden has been banging on the door, waiting to enter. There's been no tornado, so I had better brave the elements and allow him in. Enough about me, and it's back to work...

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