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Barack Obama's Diary: Telephone Diplomacy

Posted on the 15 August 2013 by Hughvw
Barack Obama's Diary: Telephone diplomacyDear Diary: I am quivering with indignation today. My aides initiated a call to  General El-Sissi, Egypt's military leader so I could tell him to stop attacking  supporters of President Morsi. But he wouldn't take the call. What's with these foreigners, that they will not be told how to run their countries by the leader of the free world? What do they think I am, chopped liver? Don't answer that.
Valerie Jarrett confidentially flew in a doctor from DC yesterday and he gave me some tablets that have calmed me considerably in the wake of those taunting calls from Pootin. In fact, since El-Sissi won't speak to me, I will call Pootin. Valerie says I am getting the hang of this diplomacy thing, It's 11pm in Moscow according my iPresidentophone.  I speed-dialled Pootin. " Da." He said. "Vlad...Vlad... wherefore art thou, Vlad?"  said a breathless woman's voice. Pootin was obviously auditioning his Shakespearean actress again. "Never mind, Vlad", I said " You sound busy. I'll call you in the morning."  He said something muffled and hung up. But that's enough about me.

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