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Barack Obama's Diary: Slalom ...shmalom

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Hughvw
Here I am in Tel Aviv after an overnight flight from DC aboard Taxpayer One. I like making my grand exit from the aircraft, through the forward door . First I wave  and grin at the adoring crowds and TV audiences then  I make an agile,  light-footed descent of the stairs, not touching sides, nor looking down,  thus projecting an image of limitless confidence. Meanwhile, my lackeys and aides disembark  through a rear door.
Bibi was waiting for me on the tarmac. He bared his teeth at me in an agonized semblance  of a smile. "Slalom", I said in the Hebrew, I had  practiced on a Rosetta Stone CD on my trip.  "I think you mean shalom," said Bibi ."A slalom is a ski run beween poles."  Awkwaard... But enough about me.

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