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Barack Obama's Diary: Hot Stuff

Posted on the 13 March 2013 by Hughvw
Dear Diary: I met with Sultan of Brunei today. Dudes! I have Air Force  One to fly me around, but this guy also has a 747 and he pilots it himself. Pretty impressive, huh?  With the absurd little Kim Jong Un making waves int North Korea it behoovto conceal the flavores us to have stock of Kimchi -- that fermented, spicy cabbage dish that Koreans love. White House chef Sam Kass has embarked on a project to convert some of Michelle's veggie garden cabbages into Kimchi. Some was proudly presented to me when I was having lunch with Joe Biden today. Joe offered to try it on my behalf.  He took a large mouthful and began chewing, but quickly  his jaws stopped moving, his face tuned an alarming vermilion-pink and tears started in his eyes. "Lord Luv yah!"  he exclaimed, gulped down a glass  of water and said: " What the heck is that stuff?"  "Just "Kimchi, Joe," I said in a casual voice. It goes well with dog." But enough about me.

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