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Barack Obama's Diary: Fuss and Bother

Posted on the 12 June 2013 by Hughvw

Barack Obama's Diary: Fuss and bother Dear Diary: What a lot of fuss about such a little thing, as the actress said to the Bishop. I mean it's not as though we have, like,  the time or the inclination to listen to live phone calls made by, like, millions of people. All we  have are archives that we can search in the future should we  need to. You can be sure the computers in Utah are running hot retrieving the phone calls and emails from a certain Mr Edward Snowden. Then there's more fuss about the State Department. The Ambassador to Belgium allegedly took himself to the local park, there to  disport himself with some local children. What could  possibly go wrong? Then there's the supposed nepotism at the Department of Energy with senior staff getting first dibs for their kids to work as summer interns. Talk about a storm in a tea cup... as a dear colleague is fond of saying: What difference, at this point does  it make? But enough about me.

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