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Barack Obama's Diary: Costa Lot

Posted on the 03 May 2013 by Hughvw
Barack Obama's Diary: Costa lot Dear Diary: Buenos Dias! My second day in Latin America is upon us. After my customary two eggs over-easy with wholewheat toast,  I met with Mexican entrepreneurs.
I was ready for them: "You didn't build that!   "Usted no construyó eso" I proclaimed to the assembled capitalists in my fluent Spanish. There was a silence, then cries of indignation began to  come from the crowd.  My Secret Service detail pushed my head down and hurried me to The Beast which was idling outside waiting to take me to the airport and Costa Rica for a  meeting with President Chinchilla.  I had rehearsed a little song to sing him: Chin Chininny, chin Chineninny, Chininchilla... I warbled. He smiled, obviously  stunned at my vocal range. But enough about me.

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