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Barack Obama's Diary: Bouncing Czechs

Posted on the 19 April 2013 by Hughvw
Dear Diary: It has bee an exhausting day. After my usual breakfast of two eggs over easy with wholewheat toast I headed to the situation room to brief my cabinet and  aides on the Boston situation. I directed them to continue the hunt for the  bomber who is  still fleeing, and to cordon off areas as necessary. Thank to my years of education at Harvard I know my way around Boston pretty good and I was able to guide the FBI and ATF to where they would be most effective. FBI Director Mueller thanked me profusely and said they wouldn't otherwise have that information, Mister President.  Did I  detect a slight tinge of sarcasm in Mueller's  voice? Surely  not. He wouldn't dare use irony in speaking to the leader of the free world. I was able to tell them the origin of the country Czechnya...the bit of Czechoslovakia that was  left over after the Soviets left. Ketchup Kerry and the State department were duly impressed. But enough about me.

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