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Barack Obama's Diary: Bless My Soul...

Posted on the 10 April 2013 by Hughvw
Barack Obama's Diary: Bless my soul... Dear Diary: What a night!  Our Memphis Soul event was a mega success. Lots of  camera shots of me and M.  singing and clapping our  hands, even if I did have to steal a glance at the folks either side to make sure I was  in synch. This was soul man. Soul-searing  music I learnt on the mean streets of   Oahu Jakarta  Chicago. Wherever. I's da man, bro. No music by old white dudes  like Bach and Mozart for me
Meantime, the Toad of Pyongyang is still beating his war drums. I'm hoping my special envoys, Beyonce and Jay-Z will persuade the Cucoms to tell Kim  Jung-Un to back off.  My special envoy to the norks, Dennis Rodman, was not a huge success. I suspect Rodman left Kim feeling  that his package is pathetically inadequate and as a result Kim felt the need to show the world his biggest rocket.I will leave it to my military brass to decide what action to take if Kim does launch missiles. That way I will have others to blame. Worked  for me after Benghazi.

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