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Barack Obama's Diary: Beclowned

Posted on the 12 August 2013 by Hughvw
Dear Diary:  It looks like  Vlad Pootin is making it his mission to ruin our vacation. "Good evening, Obamavitch" he said after the iPresidentophone rang while  Michelle and I were having dinner at  The Sweet Life Cafe. I almost choked on my lobster when I heard Pootin's voice.  What's he calling about this time? I asked myself. "Obamavitch" he said. "I see that you were made fun of by a rodeo clown who wore a mask of your face during a bull-riding event and the crowd were laughing and calling for a bull to charge you.   "So?" I said defensively. "It shows how weak you are, Obamavitch. If someone mocked me publicly like that  I would keep them locked up in Lubianka prison for a month." He knows how I hate being called  "Obamavitch."  It reminds me of the way  Indonesian kids used to  tease me by calling me "little Kenyan." Bastards. But enough about me.

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