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Bar Fight in Louisiana - Man Does Murder-Suicide

Posted on the 24 May 2012 by Mikeb302000
The Advertiser reports
According to witnesses, the suspect and a friend were involved in a disturbance inside of the establishment, when the disturbance went outside to the parking lot. During the disturbance the suspect allegedly retrieved a handgun from his vehicle and approached the victim’s vehicle, firing multiple shots at the victim. 
The victim was shot one time in the abdomen. The suspect then returned to his vehicle and shot himself in the chest.
This is certainly an unusual murder-suicide. I mean, usually they're about domestic problems.
Does Louisiana have a no-guns-in-bars rule?  Is that why the guy had to go to his car for the weapon?
I suppose the gun-rights extremists will point out this proves that banning guns in bars doesn't work.  We might as well just let them have their guns in the bars too.
I say it points out that the guy who did the shooting must have been a "law-abiding" citizen if he left his gun in the car. So, what we've got here is another "law-abiding" gun owner who turns out to be unfit to own guns.
There are too many like him and we're not doing enough to identify and disarm them.
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