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Bank Transfer Day!

By Msmck @msmck
here’s a movement gaining momentum online right now that could mark an historic moment, both for banks and consumers. It’s called Bank Transfer Day, and it’s slotted for this weekend: Saturday, November 5.

What is Bank Transfer Day?

Bank Transfer Day was started by a woman named Kristen Christian, an art gallery owner in Los Angeles. It is about protesting the practices of big banking and the ills of the banking industry — things PerkStreet is out to correct with their online-only banking.

Christian is encouraging big banking customers to move their money to an institution they feel good supporting. “It’s not people taking their money and burying it under their mattress. It’s shifting the money to a company people respect the practices of,” she told The Village Voice.

Why Switching to PerkStreet Makes Sense

Many of their customers switched from big banks and have been really pleased, because they offer such a great financial value, and because they care so much about the quality of their customer service.

They offer unlimited cash back — up to 2% — which is unheard of in the debit card industry. Especially when you’re talking about leaving a place that’s going to charge you money for using your debit card each month, or for keeping an account with them in the first place. You don’t have to be a banker to understand that making a bunch of money each month is better than giving it away. The average American family could earn $50 each month by switching to PerkStreet without changing their spending habits.

We want to get the message out that the Day is about moving to something that is truly more convenient, whether that be moving to PerkStreet, a local Credit Union or another bank that doesn't charge fees. Tell your readers about their options and get them involved in this important movement.

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