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Bank Robbery in RBS!!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The story goes that Shortly before John Dillinger, famous bank robber from the era of the Great Depression, died under a hail of FBI bullets emerging from the Biograph Cinema, Chicago, the USA’s public enemy No I gave his last radio interview. “Mr Dillinger”, asked the very brave radio journalist “Why do you rob banks?” “Because”, Dillinger replied “that is where the money is.”
That response, "because that's where the money is", later became famous and was largely attributed to Slick Willie Sutton. Willie Sutton was a bank robber spanning 40 years and spent over half of his adult life in prison. In an interview in 1951 and then again in 1952, Sutton was asked why he had chosen the career of robbing banks. he answered, "because that's where the money is".

Bank Robbery in RBS!!

photo credit: Yaakov Lederman

That has not changed, even though nowadays much of the money is digital Nobody is walking into Paypal headquarters and holding them up. But this morning a bank was held up in RBS, of all places, and robbed. Who would have thought such a violent crime would occur in this bedroom community of religious Jews???
Shortly after opening, a masked man walked into the RBS branch of Bank Leumi. He went over to a teller and handed her a paper that had written on it, in Hebrew, "this is an armed robbery". Give me the money". The teller gave him a bundle of money, later announced by someone to be a sum of 6,000 NIS, and he ran off.
The police came, with a bunch of police vans and even a helicopter, but the bank robber has yet to be caught.
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