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Bank Lending and Infrastructure - You Pay and Pay and Pay!

Posted on the 28 November 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Bank Lending and Infrastructure - you pay and pay and pay!this is our UK Treasury's answer to 'fixing the country', stealing money from Private Pensions to put into Bank Lending and Infrastructure.
Man, I totally hate this ridiculous world we live in, where the rules of the game we consider normality are changed to suit the financial agenda of the day.
When are we going to understand that 'the financial game' is just designer nonsense?
It's like we're back in a Thatcherite-like Conservative government hellhole; well done voters. You forgot what happened before fourteen years of Labour overspend. You forgot about Milk Snatcher, Falklands War, Miners' Strikes and all that I.R.A. business that pissed you off at the time. You forgot how all our once-nationalised industries like phones and and water and electricity and rail were PRIVATISED into a monopoly environment of four or five Major Corporations.
This is not a politically-motivated statement, but you simply forgot that it wasn't Labour and Socialism that caused the banking crisis but Thatcher who de-regulated the banking system into a Russian Roulette Casino of Investment Insanity and really nasty packaging of bad debt re-selling to make 'derivative' advances.
Why don't you totally hate how you're known only as WORKERS, or (worse) CONSUMERS, or how HOLIDAYS are the most important times in your lives. Cities cost too much, it's as simple as that.
What about the rest of the time, in your lives?
Do you remember when Sunday used to be a 'proper day of rest' and all the shops were closed? There was actually NOTHING WRONG with this step, but we've lost even that. And pensions ... you now have to work longer for less. Well done, infrastructure and banking spending means you will always be BLED DRY by those Roman Empire-like scumbags who do fuck all and take all the reward, in your name.
How can you NOT hate your slave existence on a Prison Planet? How can you not demand that Private Patents are released to You The People so that everybody can benefit from mankind's intelligence? How can you not despise that blatant Corporate Barcode across your face, you compliant sheople? You are NOTHING BUT A SLUSH FUND for Corporate Greed and Government Excess. You don't understand this at your peril.

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