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Bang with Friends

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

Lock up your teens and young sibs- there’s a new app in town that’s bound to do harm. It’s called “bang with friends,” and it was designed to help folks who just want to meet for sex to do so, without pretense or rejection. How thoughtful and helpful… a real time and energy saver. Now anyone with a facebook page can hook-up with one of their online “friends” when the mutual mood strikes. Cyrano de Bergerac must be rolling over in his grave at how far we’ve come in moving away from discourse to connect with and relate to others. We are very close to a place where intimacy will be lost amid the avalanche of friending followed by texting, tweeting, and meeting- all without the need for the pesky getting to know you stuff of first dates and early courtship.

I admit I am a bit of a romantic, but I also have a very pragmatic side that encourages clients to try internet dating and other virtual resources that help them to connect with compatible others. However, this app gives new urgency to the concept of “being fully present.” Being there only in the physical sense leaves out so much of the joy that is experienced when we connect intimately with others.

If you are too curious and/or think you may be tempted to do something you will regret, you can block this app with a few quick clicks on your facebook page. If you have kids who are teenagers, you may want to go to their page and do the same.

The next “dead” movie in the series may feature a growing multitude of folks who are physically still alive, but dead emotionally and spiritually. Now, that’s a scary thought.

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