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Bandcamp Bonanza – Spring Fever 2018

Posted on the 07 April 2018 by Ripplemusic
Bandcamp Bonanza – Spring Fever 2018
I don’t know why I always title these related to the weather. I think I am running out of clever titles or getting lazy and just spend as little of time writing these as possible. Or I am just getting more efficient. I don’t know, but I do know the music is not getting lazy. The music at bandcamp is relentless and always in bloom. Here are some more bonanza picks for you. Soak them up.
Bigday Breaker – The Tip On top of Paul’s take I’ll add that there’s a sweet southern rock drawl going on as well. The soulful and bluesy ring of the vocal harmonies gives The Tip a down home classic rock feel not unlike the Black Crowes in their heyday but perhaps a bit more laid back. This is solid!
Godhead Lizard – Godhead Lizard Just the right kind of low and slow for me. Heavy on the groove, smooth on the vocals, and propelled with a healthy dose of psychedelia.
Lord Ellis – Mouth of the Mad This is not your average stoner/doom/heavy rock band. Lord Ellis bring us danky punk-infused cuts, rich on bass, playful on vocals, and thick on groove. Its a bit rough around the edges sounding like a punk band aged in a barrel of Humboldt County ganja. The keys add a nice subtle touch too. Highly enjoyable and priced to sell. Don't neglect their self titled album either. Woah. Favorite track: Long Hand.
Rainbow Ridge – Dirty Sunday EP  I agree with Fast Eddie. This is one helluva jammer. Intense sequence of swampy blues jammed full of colossal riffs and mind-melting psychedelia. Favorite track: Rainbow Bridge.
Dead Country Gentlemen – Wake the Dead I discovered these guys live on a bill in town featuring the headliner Sasquatch. They are a duo and the frontman Cameron nails the heavy bluesy pop like a grizzled veteran. Not only were they very hard working young men but they overcame the two-piece struggle of making enough noise to sound full. Keep your eyes on these dudes. They are motivated and did a killer cover of ‘I Shot the Sheriff’.
Pulver – Pulver Only 3 songs, but 3 songs jammed with enough rock and metal to take my money no questions asked. Opening with an extravagant drum intro straight into a high energy fest of riffs. It’s like Motorhead gone NWOBHM or something.
Elk Hound – The Static Hum This one took a minute to finally sit down and listen. Coming off a high praise from a trusted source sir Andy Benson of Nerve Salad, I had to take a listen. This one is in the twangy indy/country/cosmic Americana field. You know I am a sucker for this stuff and Elk Hound have released a gem here. Check it out.
Lightning Rules – Fossil Fuels This reminds me of the good stuff from the early 2000's. Alternative rock at its core, but with enough pizzazz to attract the heavy underground crowd. Solid stuff. Favorite track: All But Gone.
Los Mundos – Ciudades Flotantes Hell, I haven’t even finished listening to this one yet. In fact, its 5:00 am and I got the tip from Joop Konraad over at StonerHive on this one. If you are familiar with StonerHive you know everything they touch is gold and Los Mundos is another shining example. I will give this one some more attention as time goes on. Literally on song 4 as I write this. I am confident enough to give it the share. Thanks Joop for another fantastic find.
I think that about wraps up this week’s edition. Oh ya, that’s why I always talk about the weather because it always seems to be changing up over here and I am very into nature so there you have it. We are getting dumped on with some nice warm spring showers right now as I type. Just in time for the trees to be blooming and the grass to green up. Enjoy and as always, give us your feedback by commenting here or buying/listening to the bands featured.
-The Huntsman

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