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Bandcamp Bonanza – 6 More Weeks Of Winter

Posted on the 10 March 2018 by Ripplemusic
Bandcamp Bonanza – 6 More Weeks Of Winter
Bandcamp Bonanza – 6 More Weeks Of Winter The Groundhog says we have 6-more weeks. I think he’s right and we’re no better prepared than right now. 2018 has gotten off to a great start here in camp. Not only does each year seem to progress in the amount of bad ass records hitting the shelves, but more and more folks seem to be taking grasp at the powers of bandcamp which leads to more bands joining in on the fun. This round we feature 10 more exquisite records, mostly on the heavy side, but each with their own spin and twist between a few different styles. No matter what it seems I keep waking up with an inbox full of smash hit albums. Its groundhog day again at bandcamp and we are loving it.
Huntsman – American Scrap This one caught my eye for obvious reasons being the bandname. If you’ve been reading long you know I go by The Huntsman, and when I’m perusing bandcamp to see ‘Huntsman’ as an available album, I must listen. For some reason, I was expecting some kind of extreme sludge metal and was pleasantly surprised and partially blown away on first listen. It certainly lives up to its band name. The slightly backwoodsy textures combined with a mega metallic sheen make Huntsman’s debut album one of the week’s best finds. Not since ‘Bask’ have a heard a blend of folksy rhythm, stoner groove and post-metal crunch sound so inviting.
Blue Cheese – Reborn Into Void The putrid vocal aroma aged with an intense array of wicked groove is perfectly suited for the connoisseur of the mega riff. Blue Cheese has clogged my arteries with a creamy stench of demented stoner Doom.
Fuzz Lord – Fuzz Lord Fuzz Lord lives up to its name with a crushing yet melodic output of heavy stoner/doom. The guitars attack with progressive intros and interludes with an asphyxiating rhythm drenched in fuzzy groove. The vocals command like a whiskey driven pirate exploring the stage like a ship on shark infested waters.
Crobone – Crobone Damn, this one is powerful. Strong on the vocals, radio rock worthy melodic hard rock/Metal.
Ivory Deville – Wastegunner Can't deny that steel guitar twang built on Jagger-esque vocal tones, soulful back up singing and bluesy psychedelic atmosphere. This is sex, drugs and rock n roll fit for a Sunday morning gospel session. Love it.
Olmeg – Maladies Olmeg are back with a one of a kind twist of doom-fried grunge metal. The vocals squelch with an eerie atop a bass tone fuzzy as it is sludgy. Deep rumbling grooves aplenty found on Maladies. Dig in and soak it up.
Pieces of Molly – Vol. 2 Riff heavy Rawk with a crunchy groove, smoking vocals and hard charging energy through and through. New Zealand knows what’s up.
Hound the Wolves – Camera Obscura This one caught me by surprise. While listening my comparison radar summoned forth a brute strength a la the band Aleph Null while harnessing the atmosphere of Neurosis and/or Earth as recommended. The intense onslaught of psych-ridden sludge metal comes across as highly accessible and mildly erotic.
Secrets of Lost Empires - Secrets of Lost Empires From the moment that first riff strums, I knew we were in for something special here. Thanks to Tangy at Bong Druid of Mammoth Weed Mountain youtube page for this discovery. This is an epic slab of progressive stoner metal. Incredible. Needs more love. www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8JSmRQDQZ8
Sundrifter – Visitations This one steals your soul straight out of the gate. At Name Your Price you’d be a fool not to add this to your collection. The fuzz tones shine, the Doom-born vocals haunt, and the riffs circulate like a dust devil through stoner-baked sand.
-The Huntsman

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