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Bandcamp Bonanza – 110

Posted on the 04 April 2020 by Ripplemusic
Bandcamp Bonanza – 110
Bandcamp Bonanza – 110 There has been a lot of talk about the “essential” work force and many jobs being shut down with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this brings more time stuck inside and less excuses for checking out the albums on this here Bonanza. While many folks are either working from home or out of work and at home, there’s one thing that remains; ESSENTIAL LISTENING. Dive into this week’s picks of essential listening out on Bandcamp for you to enjoy during these times of grief.
PARANOID CATS – FALSE LOVE Paranoid Cats are a French noise rock duo bringing a tasty slab of heavy grunge meets progressive stoner sludge. Not your average bass and drum duo sound in the Doom community. Rather accessible and ultra-groovy.
MIEA – CHAOS AND PERFECTIONS These are some of the most interesting heavy rock tunes I’ve heard all year. Progressive without being obnoxious and intoxicating without losing focus.
TURNSTYLES – CUT YOU OFF This Memphis duo bring the garage rock hard and heavy. Like a more punk rock version of the White Stripes. Is that even possible? Cut You Off makes a case across these 12 tracks of country tinged rock with lo-fi swagger and cunning hook.
MORGAN RIDER – FOLKLORE Vocally soulful, musically atmospheric, and conceptually solid. Reminds me a lot of another fantastic talent, Shawn James. Particularly his Shapeshifter Trilogy, The Bear, The Wolf, The Hawk.
STRANGE MAJIK – 20/20 20/20 emits an aural hologram of funky jam beaming with progressive soul and flashing visions of jazzy blues and groovy rhythm. David Pattillo is a god damned genius!
HEAVY TRIP – HEAVY TRIP This one is as heavy of a trip as you can imagine. All instrumental but all bad ass. I don’t always dive in headfirst to instrumental jams, but when I do am expect it to be a heavy trip. In today’s case its both the band name and the band m.o.
FREEWAYS – TRUE BEARINGS On their full-length debut, Ontario’s Freeways provide a structural layer of 80’s heavy metal reinforced with explosive melody and nasty hook. True Bearings leads with obvious influences such as early Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy, and UFO, while burning an endless tank of NWOBHM riffs like a wingless Eagle-5.
WESTERN CENTURIES – CALL THE CAPTAIN These guys have become one of my favorite modern traditional country artists on the circuit. They’re relatively popular compared to some other favorites of mine and the chemistry seems genuine and music remains tight. Maybe it’s the Pacific Northwest charm that ropes me in and it’s definitely present and something to consider when on the hunt for good country. Seattle brings quality in all shapes and forms.
BLAZON RITES – DULCE BELLUM INEXPERTIS EP The primal assault of metallic punk rages with barbaric tone and battle ready riffs.Blazon Rite bring a welcome Pennsylvania ring to the classic NWOBHM styling. As Paris Hilton would say, "That's Hot"
CAROLINE BLIND – THE SPELL BETWEEN I’ll just put down what they had to say on bandcamp. A quite captivating album if I must say so: “The Spell Between is the first solo album by Caroline Blind, front woman of Sunshine Blind. The album is an eclectic collection of cover songs, new renditions of Sunshine Blind songs, originals, and collaborations, with Rich W. (The Wake), David Wolfenden (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry), Dave (The Dramedy), Ashe Ruppe (Delphine Coma), George Earth (Switchblade Symphony), Gordon Young (Pretentious Moi, Dream Disciples, Children on Stun), CWHK (Sunshine Blind), William Faith (Bellwether Syndicate, Faith and the Muse) and Geoff Bruce (Sunshine Blind, Faith and the Muse)”
OUTSIDEINSIDE – II Right away we’re smacked across the face with a funky punch of The Black Crowes vibes,sucking whiffs of the 70’s across 8 tracks of stoner-fueled classic rock groove.
-The Huntsman

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