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Bandcamp Bonanza – 102

Posted on the 15 February 2020 by Ripplemusic
Bandcamp Bonanza – 102
Bandcamp Bonanza – 102 Ya, it’s a pile of fucking rocks so what. I took that at work today because you know what I do at work in real life? I fuckingrock. Literally. Joking aside, the albums shared with you today also represent a type of rock. Typically followed by roll.
Ancient River – After the Dawn 'After the Dawn' comes a searing array of psych tinged grit followed by doomy reverb and spiritual tone. Imagine Pink Floyd meets post-punk drenched in fuzz induced fantasy.
Stone Cold Fiction – Strange Times What a superb debut outing by these lads from the UK. A little progressive stoner meets krauty drone digs itsstone cold riffs deep into your psych. For fans of King Buffalo, Weedpecker, Lord Vapour, etc...
Rafael Denardi – Two Handfuls of Rock One hand is gripped with punky bass chugs and relentless skater hook while the other clinches with jammy fuzz tone and funkadelic rhythm.
Lemurian Folk Songs – Logos I love the enchanting bass line and euphoric layers of psych. A progressive work of art sure to get better on repeat listens. It’s like Elder meets Brant Bjork in the 12th dimension.Also, if you stare real deep into the album cover you will find a hidden image. Like one of those posters at the orthodontist office when you were a child in the early 90s.
The Mud Suns – Woe to the Timid This band’s debut was one of my first bandcamp purchases to enter my collection of now well over 3000. Its been 9 years since the debut and the new 5 song set of howling blues does not miss a beat from what we remember with The Hundredth Monkey from back in 2011. This is rooted inswampy blues but built up with progressive melody, raw and gritty tone, and that signature power trio fuzz.
King Mountain – Doomed Man Blues Oh hell ya. Greece strikes again with another output of heavy rock n roll. The old timers nailed it with the old timer references. I'll reference the young bucks and say this is in line with long time favorites of mine from Hungary, Ozone Mama. Yep, solid hooks, soulful gritty vocals, and traditional southern rock song structure.
Leif de Leeuw Band – Where We’re Heading Holy shit guys. I was sent this to listen to from my good bud Andy this morning and then noticed I had my Continental Record Service promo email with this album within it. Gotta tell you, I am quite impressed, and this might be the highlight of today’s Bonanza. Whatever you do, make sure you find a way to listen to this thing in full sometime this year. Read up for yourself. The album cover sums up its sound quite nicely as well.
“Although firmly rooted in blues, the Leif The Leeuw band also touches on other musical genres. They create their own sound, mixing influences from music of the past few decades, ranging from straight forward rock to blues, soul, funk fusion and singer/songwriter material.

Multi-award winning guitar player Leif de Leeuw and his six man band are the new Southern jam-band sensation in Europe. The band is characterized by breathtaking guitar solo’s, two grooving drummers and twin-lead guitars. Each show is unique due to the many improvised jams. With their music, the band carries on the tradition of bands like Little Feat, the Allman Brothers Band and Derek and the Dominos.”
-The Huntsman

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