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Bandcamp Bonanza – 090

Posted on the 09 February 2019 by Ripplemusic
Bandcamp Bonanza – 090
Bandcamp Bonanza – 090 This week we feature mostly heavy stuff but like always I threw in some kickers that make you scratch your head and wonder how they fit into the fold with a bunch of doom and punk rock albums. That’s just how I roll. Oh, and I finally finished my new record shelf project where I built some storage to sit on top of my old refurbished coffee table and figured it would make a decent cover photo on today’s Bandcamp Bonanza. An album featured on last round is pictured on vinyl that has since arrived since that article went live.
Ghost Moths – Burn The Barn Ghost Moth’s music will not only burn down your barn with it’s hot take on punky southern blues, but it’ll also sweep up the ashes with the catchy groove and gritty vocal assault. I couldn’t not add this to my collection. Pretty blown away to be honest.
Tomorrow - Fragments I always love recommendations of albums from members of bands you already love informing you of a different project they are working on. This was the case of Tomorrow’s latest output called Fragments. Nick Shallcross, who also plays guitar and bass in the band Simon Magus, sent me the link to this stuff and I was pleasantly surprised. Quite the accessible take on progressive doom metal. Traditional in a sense of vocal tone, but also incorporates a slow, brooding atmospheric element into the mix which keeps it interesting.
The Ossuary – Southern Funeral The Ossuary is back with another round of funeral doom. Just kidding, this is not even close to funeral doom, thank goodness, but they seem to lay us to waste, nonetheless. Southern Funeral buries a swaggering output of riffage glazed with metallic vocals preached from the books of both proto and doom. Sick solos too!!
The Lunar Effect – Calm Before the Calm This is 100% authentic modern heavy blues with slight traces of influence from the classic rockers of yesteryear. Not since Lord Vapour gave us ‘Semuta’ have I heard an album this paralyzingly shocking and righteously heavy as Calm Before the Calm and that was just a couple months ago. How bout that bass!!!! Tone for daze!!! The vocals? Astonishing! I’m in love!
Screaming dEAD Balloons – L ‘UN AR ID This had my attention from the get-go with a pipe gleaming groove and garage rock sensibility. At times it feels like you’re listening to a psych rock version of Type-O Negative and others it’s sort of a new-wavy sort of punk rock all while maintaining a electrifying rhythm.
Out Demons Out – Restless Blues EP Oh my, Out Demons Out really brings a heavy restless blues, combining mind numbing rhythm, infectious groove, and gangbuster vocals. Solid EP.
Post 942 – Long Replay Post 942 brings us a high energy grunge type sound highlighted by funky rhythm, catchy vocals, and an overall infectious hook throughout. Great riffs, fun atmosphere and highly enjoyable. Its not revolutionary by any means but it sounds good and its straight to the point.
Under The Mountain – II 'II' finally comes out from Under the Mountain and shows the bandcamp world what some of us have been raving about since last November. The album ranges from straight up heavy rock, to 80's metal, shades of hardcore and back to pulsating doom all in 10 solid tracks. One of those albums you can play on repeat and never burn out. The vocals are straight fire. Favorite track: Ash and Dust.
Lynne Hanson – Uneven Ground This artist had been buried in my wishlist for a while and finally after seeing some high praise from some trusted sources I decided to give it a go. What I wasn’t ready for was how extremely into this I was almost automatically. I instantly and regularly listen to her entire discography which is jammed with a Canadian Americana rock off the charts. The songwriting is powerful, and the melodies are dark and heroic in a sense. I found myself thinking about one of my favorite bands The Drive-By Truckers on and off while listening, not necessarily because it sounds like that same kind of music, but more to do with the approach to the song craft and delivery of the vocals tones and atmosphere absorbed while listening. This is amazing stuff and one that I will likely be scooping up on vinyl. The only thing holding me back right now is some self-controlon trying to stick to a budget…. God help me.
Brother Hawk – The Clear Lake I was reminded about this band after talking to some friends who had seen them playing a gig with another recent band I found myself raving about called Grandpa Jack late last year. So of course, as it so happens you go check out other bands who share the stage with other bands you know you already dig and chances are they are going to rock. I am sharing this one as it is lingering in my wishlist to double as a reminder that I need to add this stuff to my collection at some point. The $10 digital price tag doesn’t help matters. But then again, I’d drop $25 on vinyl in a heartbeat. Such a sucker. This is some classy southern rock with bluesy origins and a penchant for pop. Kind of a Black Crowes type vibe which is never a bad thing.
-The Huntsman

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