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Bandcamp Bonanza – 085

Posted on the 08 December 2018 by Ripplemusic
Bandcamp Bonanza – 085
Bandcamp Bonanza – 085 Baby its cold outside right now. Luckily the music is keeping us all hot and bothered in bandcamp. Yet another round of kick ass tunes coming at ya right here on our Bonanza feature.
Still Fools - Lightbringer Lightbringer brings us a whimsical set of psych infused progressive blues. The intricate guitar work, airy vocals passages and gritty injection of harmonica and organ provide a unique twist on our typical rock band.
Grey Czar - Boondoggle I love finding stuff like this. Wildly progressive and forward thinking while maintaining an accessibility unmatched in this strain of avant-garde heavy rock. Album of the day 10-6-18.
High n’ Heavy – Warrior Queen This is only up for pre-order but the hype is pointing up and I couldn’t resist springing for the vinyl. There is some extremely limited editions available on bandcamp and based on the teaser song and their previous outputs this is looking to be a great start to 2019.
Quaker City Night Hawk – QCNH Huge fans of this band and another pre-order that is absolutely mandatory. Not only does that vinyl splatter match the cover but the jams these guys are capable are so groovy and funky. I also grabbed the 7-inch single that kicks some major ass as well. While you’re at it, there’s also vinyl left of their previous full length masterpiece called El Astronauta. The label page that’s releasing these ‘Lightning Rod Records’ really has a good ear for a nice combination of rock n’ roll, Americana and true blue country. I dig it.
Manchino – Artificial Love EP If their music is any indication of their record collections these guys have the hottest stack of wax in town. The music jams with funk-ridden groove and a Soundgarden meets CCR vocal prowess. The quirky rhythm keeps you panting for more while the guitars riff out hooks galore.
Bronco – Mucho Evil Gotta love this riff buckin’, groove slinging, rock and roll in’ wild mustang ride. Mucho Evil kick out the heavy jams full of gritty vocals, infectious choruses, and neck breaking riffs. Ride the Bronco they said.... Absolutely thrilling! Favorite track: Golden Tower.
Collins Drive – This Town of Mine Damn, what a find. Thanks Tom for the bandcamp feed on this baby. Such a sweet array of sultry Americana meets melancholic blues. This hits right in that sweet spot for fans of heavy rock but also fans of Americana and psychedelic soul. WOW that last song brings it on home like a champ! Favorite track: Lady of the Lake.
Black Lotus – Sons of Saturn  Black Lotus have unleashed what some may consider the coolest modern concoction of traditional metal and doom this year. The vocal soar with epic tone and towering volume as the riffs pummel with dynamic and rhythmic force. Mind = Crushed
Hippie Death Cult – Black Snake I don’t typically add just flat out singles to my collection, but Hippie Death Cult have something special about to go down in the heavy scene. They have 3 singles out there and some trippy youtube videos of those songs that indicate their upcoming debut full length just may be something to be anticipating. I know I can’t wait to hear more, take a listen, I think you’ll agree. Portland, Oregon strikes again.
When The Deadbolt Breaks – Angels are weeping... God has abandoned... Last but certainly not least in this addition of the bonanza I share with you this band recently brought to our attention by good friends over at Desert Records in New Mexico. Holy hell!! Just let this one play for a while and tell me you’re not convinced. Absolutely devastating sludge melding kaleidoscopic riffage and brain splitting psych. When The Deadbolt Breaks emit an atmosphere explosion of energy at the gates of heaven meets hell, drowning us in angelically haunting aura, relentless power and deafening tone.
-The Huntsman

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