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Bandcamp Bonanza – 075

Posted on the 30 June 2018 by Ripplemusic
Bandcamp Bonanza – 075
Bandcamp Bonanza – 075
So, last round I featured a bunch of albums on the softer side of the underground. As you know my tastes are diverse in general and if it’s got a groove to it I will give it a chance. Today I’m just picking right up where I left off with albums that have had an impact on me recently. I’ll start with a couple local bands which, oddly enough, I still have not caught live, but after listening to their recorded material I will make it a point.
Silver – Rock’n’Roll is Dead EP Silver are a relatively new band in town. I’ve know some of the players casually from just being around the scene at other shows and venues where you see a lot of the same folks. Greg was in my brothers high school class and his older brother Guy was in my class growing up but I never really knew the musical influence of the Gilmores until the Reno days where he’s been a heavily involved in the current scene. This album proves the inverse of the title. We all know Rock N Roll has never died, in fact its thriving harder than ever right here and right now. Silver put some blood sweat and tears into this EP yielding a fine output of classic rock meets garage-tinged boogie blues. Do yourself a favor and skip the latte today, drop $5 on this high-octane rock EP instead. Favorite track: Black Lipstick.
Hopeless Jack – Hopeless Jack Hopeless Jack’s name has popped up a few times on my radar and I hadn’t dug in until a few weeks ago. Boy, was I impressed. These guys play a raucous fill of heavy blues, grounded in roots and grizzled with the heart and soul of punk rock. The vocals are a highlight and are complimented well with the addition of keys and a nice helping of soulful southern twang.
The Miltones – The Miltones This is just lovely. Think the country twang of Lorrie Morgan meet the bluesy wail of Stevie Nicks. Wonderful keys, angelic vocals and overall lush atmosphere. Favorite track: Gypsy Queen.
Whoopie Cat – Illusion of Choice Utterly phenomenal!! Illusion of Choice continues the path of righteous prog-infused soul music dusted with sultry blues and infectious grooves. Another genre defying output with powerful and dynamic structure. My mind is once again blown.
Loggerhead – Depths This one took me by surprise. The tags are a bit different than the norm, and upon pushing play I was expecting something a bit outside the box. Towards the end of song one its apparent that there is something special going on here. My response on bandcamp: “Holy shit!! This is massive. I’m waiting for fellow bandcamper Steve Rodgers to proclaim “Gods Holy Trousers!” This is That cool! Wait for it.......”
Inyan – A Bitter Relief INYAN grabs you immediately with innate hooks and walloping fuzz. The smooth, distorted riffs pulsate at a low frequency coupled with rocking solos, enigmatic progression, and rhythmic force. A Bitter Relief is a soothing relief in terms of modern grunge inspired sounds. Favorite track: The Way You Wished.
Feverhawk – Feverhawk Come on guys, it appears it’s me and only one other guy on bandcamp that’s heard this thing. The more I play the better it gets. A lot of familiar vibes all wrapped up into one complete album. This rocks. Feverhawk run a dangerously high temperature blend of classic rock and stoner-doom. Symptoms include killer solos, aching muscles, downtrodden fuzz, intermittent sweats, fat tones and rapid heartbeat. Highly contagious with infectious riffs galore!
WoodWolf – Golden Road WoodWolf are another “Wolf” band I know. Or are they just another “Wood” band? I don’t know, the cover has the signature David Paul Seymour stoner rock artwork so that says “hey listen to me”. I did listen and I was delighted. It’s not reinventing the taco, but it is adding a set of antlers to an already impressive coating of fuzz. Straight up enjoyable stoner grooves. Much what you would expect based on the album cover. I can’t find anything wrong with this.
Vesta – Great Rift I can't seem to stop listening to this. Its super heavy with a low end, hook-addled fuzzy groove, plus infectiously gritty vocals with a suave accent. Mandatory vinyl treatment!! Favorite track: Mercury Sunrise.
Fluff – Fluff Well hell, why not make it an even ten albums on this feature. I haven’t even finished this whole album but one of my fellow Doom Chart contributors has been raving this thing up recently and I decided to cut the fluff and give this thing my attention. I will have finished this album multiple times before this article publishes but as of now I can tell its worthy of a recommendation. A little bit Queens of the Stone Agey in style there an abstract groove going on with a clean vocal tone and crunchy guitar sounds happening. I guess they are immense in a live setting. Go see them if you live in Melbourne. God damn Melbourne, why do they have all the great bands?
-The Huntsman

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