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Banc De Binary Review – Is It a Professional Platform?

Posted on the 19 October 2015 by Binarytreasures

Banc De Binary 1Banc De Binary has generated various opinions both positive and negative. At first glance the feeling that is only encourages professional brokers is not true although their slogan is “Private Bankers Option” makes you think that is not available to everyone and is exclusive to bankers and professionals. Banc De Binary is available for any traders professional or beginners and in this review of Banc De Binary we will be investigating if it a worthy platform to trade binary options.

What is Banc De Binary
The Banc De Binary (BDB) is a trading platform the most privileged binary options, and superior to the currently available options. This is evident when you visit the website for the first time and observe what Banc De Binary Review – Is it a Professional Platform? what products have they got to offer. In this review  of Banc De Binary learn more about this exciting platform and will it work for you?

Banc De Binary overhaul
Considered one of the best riders on the market binary options, the Banc De Binary has excellent run times and a wide range of maturity dates. Direct deposit and withdrawal process, it is easy for you to deposit and withdraw funds quickly through several processes.

Banc De Binary experience
The Banc De Binary is easy to use with a very user friendly experience. Furthermore, its easy to navigate site is to give you the opportunity to know their binary options or what you want quickly.

At the time, more than 55 assets including currencies, commodities, stocks and indexes that are able to be managed by Banc De Binary through binary options.

Review dates
Currently, there are different expiry 4:00 to choose from which are: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or if you prefer something later, you can choose at the end of the day. This gives greater flexibility for customers Fast binary options all day operations.

Customer services
The bank, in addition to its interesting binary options have the best customer service to date. Not only can you call and speak with a customer service agents or brokers, but also have the opportunity to talk with them via Live Chat, Skype, email and recall functions are integrated into the website 24 hours day, 7 days a week. There are 18 issues of national and international support in the list.

Banc De Binary 2

Payment rate for binary options
The range of pay rates Banc De Binary between 70% and 88% depending on the time and assets. This compared to most corporate assets are 75% and the range of currencies from 75% to 88% depending also time. Offering one of the highest market payouts.

Review of deposits
Deposits through Banc De Binary’s website is simple and easy to execute. We offer several ways in which you can file AlertPay, Moneybookers, Credit card, debit card, Western Union and bank transfer.

Withdrawal rates
The investment in time the withdrawal of binary operations for AlertPay and Moneybookers is instant, while the credit card lasts 4 days and 1 hour or transfer up to 1 week depending on your bank.

You can withdraw your initial deposit back through the method you have posted profits and can then be removed by wire transfer. There is no charge for withdrawals of funds.

Withdrawals for the first time
To withdraw funds for the first time, customers must provide a photo ID can be a passport or driving license and a copy of a recent utility bill as proof of address. If you wish to withdraw using credit or debit cards must provide a copy of both sides of the card.

Banc De Binary account levels
The Banc De Binary has options and has many benefits associated with each.

  • Micro Silver Account: The minimum deposit to open an account with Banc De Binary is $ 500, this deposit would have a Silver Micro account allows you to trade with certain assets and binary options.
  • Gold Standard account: A minimum deposit of $ 2500 will lead to a Gold Standard account, it is not very different from the account of Micro Silver.
  • Broker Professional account:A minimum investment of $ 5,000 allows binary options traders have the same benefits of silver and gold accounts and also provides a personal agent.

The minimum amount for a withdrawal is $ 100, Banc De Binary is noted for the speed to make a withdrawal, it will normally take 5 working days. Available methods are: credit / debit card, Money bookers and Alert pay.

The Banc De Binary provides investors binary options, one of the most advanced platforms and user friendly exchanges with 90 assets through trade with more than 30 different countries.

The De Binary Banc of four different types of active trading of binary options, each meeting their respective:

  1. Option Pro: Here you will see commercial offers from more than 90 different options that expire every 15 minutes based assets chosen for trade. This type of binary options have a level of payments offer up to 80% when the contract expires binary options operations.
  2. Option Builder: Provides binary options traders the flexibility to customize and use their own trading styles implement their trading strategies. One Touch This concept is one of the most commonly used types of binary options. The Bench Binary, customers can potentially benefit up to 500% of the investment. This type of binary option to expire on Friday of each week at the end of the operation.
  3. META-Binary: This unique product offers binary options traders, access to market analysis and graphs to track past history of an asset and make real-time corrections.

Welcome bonus
A welcome bonus is offered with the opening of an account – Click here and get the best welcome bonus through us!

Is Banc De Binary a Scam?
The first thing we do is analyze if your broker is legitimate and can be trusted. Banc De Binary is subject to European, CySEC or FCA. Regulators so this means several points in its favor and clears any negative opinion towards Banc De Binary, making it a serious binary options broker that is transparent and reliable. We would highly recommend this platform due to the strict rules it follows and advice it gives out to its customers.

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