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Bakewares from GreatValuePlus

By Berrycreamie @mhi1106
Bakewares from GreatValuePlus I am not the typical kind of girl who loves to shop all the time. Yes, there are times when I want to hoard and buy all the stuff in one store, but I learn to always ask myself if I really need those items. Lately, I’ve been eyeing for baking materials. I really want to try to bake! Those yummy cupcakes, cookies, and cakes that I keep on seeing on my Instagram feed makes me drool, tap my wallet and ask if I could buy those sweets.
I know that if I learn how to bake, then my sweet tooth will always be satisfied. And these bakewares from GreatValuePlus are just the right materials that I need when I start to bake! Here are some of my top choices in their store.
Bakewares from GreatValuePlus French Macaron Baking Kit, P480 Seriously, who doesn't love macaroons? I mean those colorful, and playful thing are just the best! And this kit will just make the work easier!

Bakewares from GreatValuePlus Better Beater, P199
I find this thing really useful. If you can't afford the beautiful mixer, then you can opt to this instead. Although this might require time, and a little bit of your energy, I still think that it is a good buy for beginners.
Bakewares from GreatValuePlus Melt-N-Decorate Pro Microwaveable, P499
Of course we want our baking creation to be as cute and presentable as possible! And this one is a definitely must-have!

These are my top 3 finds in GreatValuePlus. All of them has a reasonable price, and a perfect materials for frustrated baker like me. LOL
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Instagram: @greatvalueplusph

With lots of love,
Mish ♥
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