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Baked After Pesach, Sold Before Pesach

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

before Pesach I posted about a package of bread crumbs that had been purchased with the label already stating it was baked after pesach 2014. Some people considered that perhaps, instead of deception or a mistaken label, perhaps the label was just being read wrong. They suggested the "baked after" was referring to last Pesach (2013), and the date was the date of expiry of the product.
Did not seem realistic to me, but ok. maybe.
here is an image that just came in to me of a different product with a similar problem. but the labeling on this is much clearer.
you be the judge:
baked after Pesach, sold before Pesach
from the sticker on the top right corner it is clear they are claiming it was baked after Pesach 2014. From the sticker on the top left corner one can see that they were selling these on erev pesach at a special price..
once again, a product baked after Pesach that was miraculously being sold before Pesach...
And, another comment, it clearly is not just an Israeli issue. These "chocolate bites" are an American product being sold in the USA...

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