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BahuDharan An Indian Tradition – One Wife with 5 Husbands

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Itzmealie @ideasonclick

Bahudharan is a tradition which is widely common in Bangalore, Uttar pradesh, Himachal pradesh, Hariyana, and uttarakhand due to the poverty. This is the tradition in which a single wife of elder brother marries with other young brothers of her husband. It happens in these states due to the poverty where people can’t afford the marriage ceremonies as well as food, so they start sharing the wife. A story was published in an International newspaper about this tradition, about a young woman Raju warma. Raju warma is from Dharawan village, 21 years old. She was married with Rajeve in 2009, but after one year she was forced to marry with the brother of Rajeve which is Sunnat Ram, then Gopal and recently she married with the youngest 18 years old brother of Rajeve.
Raju warma stated that she knew about this and her mother was the wife of 3 brothers and she told Raju warman that the family have 5 sons in which Raju warma is going after being married. So she knows now how to handle the all husbands at a time.
bahu dharan in india


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