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Baffling Balloon Behaviour!

By Boxmash

We all love helium balloons because they are one of the only things that can ignore the rules of gravity, floating proudly in the air. They are hours of fun to play with because you can take them almost anywhere and they even sometimes float away! In this really awesome video by Smarter Everyday, science and balloons come together to teach us some cool stuff about what happens when you put a helium balloon in a car and start driving away. While most objects move towards the back of the car as it picks up speed, the helium balloon might not do exactly what you think it will! Check out the video below to find out what happens.

The reason Helium balloons are able to float is to do with science. Helium is made up of lighter parts than air, which allows it to float to the top of the air (or as far as your string lets it go). This is just like when leaves float in puddles, or a toy ball floats in water. Neat, huh? Next time you’re playing with a balloon, why not ask your parents if they’ll help you try out what Destin and his kids do in this video, or find other ways to explore what helium balloons can do. Don’t forget to let us know what you find out below!

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