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Bad Weather Around the World.

By Harry @web_pensioner

type102I have been around long enough to know that the weather in Briton and around the world has got worse, especially over this last ten years.When i was young ( eon’s ago ) summer was summer and winter was winter and you could depend on it.  Snow, frost, fog, rain in the winter and long clear hot days in the summer. Now you would not know if it’s summer or winter.

Going to the shops

Going to the shops

We get about two or three weeks sun in the summer and that’s it over, before and after it’s rain, floods and disaster.

Don’t tell me there’s no such thing as global warming or something happening to the world’s weather pattern’s. All over the world it has changed.

The shops under water

The shops under water

America and Canada getting their worst winter weather for years while in another part they are having their longest drought. Australia  is getting hotter and having their worst fires ever. Floods all over the world even in places that never had any.

Part of the country

Small part of the country

Briton has been hit by the worst storms ever since October 2013 flooding many areas of land, towns and cities, the really bad weather started two weeks before Christmas and has just stopped in some parts. Many country areas have been under water ( up to six feet ) and the water will not go away.

This weather all over the world must have something to do with global warming altering the gulf stream, which, during the wither double its speed to 200 MPH altering all the weather patterns around the world.

This week 20th March 2014 parts of America have been hit by an ice / snow storm, is that normal, something’s wrong.

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