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Bad Waitress – ‘Pre Post-Period Blues’

Posted on the 05 February 2021 by Spectralnights
Bad Waitress – ‘Pre Post-Period Blues’Photo credit: Michael Crusty

After sharing stages with acts including Fucked Up, L7 and The Bronx, Toronto punks Bad Waitress (Royal Mountain Records) have shared their powerful and vital new single ‘Pre Post-Period Blues’. Guitarist Katelyn Molgard says: ‘It’s like this: you got yer friggin hormones, your cramps, you forgot to eat, but you need to take Advil, then yer like, “bitch, now my stomach hurts!” and then you get so mad yer like “WHYYYYY?!?”So you slam back a few and then you’re way more drunk than you’d normally be so like, you say some shit to someone and then now yer yelling and THEN some dude’s like “are you on your period?” And so then you turn into a werewolf and eat everyone. Ya know?’ This rightful fury is backed up by in-your-face grunge-meets-punk guitar riffs and impassioned vocals declaring ‘You’ll see the other side of me’ and ‘I’m a survivor’. As the track reaches its final moments, there are intense – and incredibly loud – bursts of assertive Sonic Youth-style soundscapes.

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