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Bad Photos and Bad Wine

By Inordinatelyplush @inordinateplush
Been Fashionlista-ing like crazy today. Unsurprisingly whilst in the library at university too! Such a bad influence to first years I am! I appear to have some sort of magnetic connection with lingerie...  HERE is my profile and thankyou for following to those who have! Would also like to say thanks to anyone who has visited my Twitter recently. Lovely to know that my 110 tweets are being read now <3
Here's a couple of photos from Friday night - I've had a very lazy weekend this weekend. Ordering iPhone tomorrow so photos will get SLIGHTLY better I promise you! And a lot more of them aswell, I have so many things I want to review and get up onto Inordinately Plush!!
Bad photos and bad wine
Bad photos and bad wine

Top photo taken with my BB before I ventured into the darkness of Newcastle, and second photo was taken with my lovely girlfriend in Tokyo bar on Westgate Road before dancing the night away in Perdu just around the corner.

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