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Bad Behavior Wins

Posted on the 23 March 2011 by Thefriskyvirgin
Well, Disney-owned ABC has decided to go ahead and allow Chris Brown to perform on Dancing With The Stars next week.
Their reasoning? Apparently, they feel everything will go smoothly (i.e. he shouldn't have any outbursts) so long as he JUST sings, and no questions are asked of him.  Wow, talk about tip-toeing around the guy.
Want some more head-shaking revelations? Prepare to feel sick if you care about the direction our world is taking: 
ABC will not press charges against Brown.  Thus, his actions will, to date, go unpunished.
After trashing property which wasn't his, he was seen playing basketball, laughing and appearing in good spirits. 
Good Morning America has invited Brown to back to the show, apparently to make peace. Yes, really.
Brown was allegedly upset that questions regarding his past were brought up on a day when he was trying to make a comeback. He tweeted immediately following the incident: "I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t."
Does it bother you that he can still get THAT violent over what he did to Rihanna? That he refers to the incident as "past s**t?"  I'm fairly certain she doesn't see the acts of violence against her as "past s**t."
Even more disturbing is the rather large number of young women who are flooding sites and twitter with words of support for Brown, saying things like the following:
Shame on GMA! That's his past and he should be allowed to move on!
Leave him alone! It was his past! It's okay, he's going to be on Dancing With The Stars, the most popular show on T.V., and that's an honor!
I'm truly shocked. These people, including ABC, are literally excusing his outburst, even going so far as implicitly justifying it because they dared ask him about a crime HE committed!
Though he has a valid point regarding Sheen, he is clearly wearing blinders when it comes to his past actions.  Criminal acts, such as his, will forever follow him.
If Chris Brown had the name Joe No-Last-Name, he would have to apply for jobs and face questions regarding his criminal record. It's called life.  You can't run away from things; you have to learn to man-up and face them head on, no matter how difficult it may be.
Had he replied differently, it would have been a completely different outcome.  Imagine if he had said something like this: "You know, I'm trying to move on from what I did, but not a day goes by that I don't regret my actions.  They were inexcusable and I will forever be sorry for what I did." People would have responded with cautious optimism, possibly willing to give the young guy a chance to redeem himself.
But, he didn't.  Instead, he flew off the handle, trashed property that wasn't his own, and is being rewarded with people walking on eggshells around him and the opportunity to promote his album on a family show.
What kind of a message does this send women who have suffered from domestic abuse? 

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