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Backwoods Payback - Momantha

Posted on the 13 December 2011 by Ripplemusic
Backwoods Payback - Momantha
I'm guessing that you've already heard of this one and you might even own it, but here's a reminder in case you don't. It's another fantastic rock album from Small Stone Records that I've been listening to for months. It's Momantha, by Pennsylvania's Backwoods Payback.
A stoner rock band with doom influences. Heavy-metal. I don't care what you call 'em and they probably don't either. Backwoods Payback are "3 dudes, 1 gal, rocking harder than you." I love the band's confidence and their music even more. Wicked fuzzy guitars and extremely soulful vocals; stout, robust rhythms. These are definitely my kinda tunes, influenced by "whiskey, weed and Black Sabbath." You bet your ass.
I don't know exactly why, but this music reminds me of my old Kentucky home in the Appalachian Mountains. The dusty gravel roads winding through the hollows. Dirty, coal-stained jeans and a t-shirt. One thing's for sure, Momantha is gritty, honest, blue-collar fuzz-rock, and it's a perfect escape after a hard day's work. I've been busting my ass lately so I've been listening to it a lot.
"You Know How This Works" begins with a single lingering, fuzz-filled chord and that's all it takes to know I'm gonna love the guitar sound from Backwoods Payback. When the rest of the band joins in, I'm having no problems forgetting what a bad day I had on the job. Oh, this is definitely the shit, people. "Flight Pony" starts with a quick cymbal burst and an up-tempo beat before settling into a rockin', fuzz-filled groove.
To me, Momantha seems to get even better as it goes along. I think many rock albums can tend to get a little stale in the middle but not this one. "Lord Chesterfield" is the fifth song out of 10 and it's one of my favorites, with plenty of head-bobbing, bluesy guitars. "Parting Words" reminds me of Sabbath the most, probably because of it's massive doom metal sound. And the bass...damn. I think "Velcro" is one tremendous, sluggish fuzz-fest, too, and has some of the best vocals of any song.
"Timegrinder" doesn't waste any time at all, fiercely determined to rock and roll your sorry ass at the beginning and doom it near the end. "Ballad Of A Broken Horse" is a superb finale to Momantha and leaves me caked with fuzz. Now I need a shower.
I told Racer a while back that I was pretty sure I would like anything from Small Stone Records. I've been right on the money so far because Momantha is one more stupendous rock release worth buying. Get yours here http://www.smallstone.com/album115.html.

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