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Background to “G1: The Guardians” #3

By Imagineer @ImagineerTeam

G1 The Guardians Reference GuideMutual Defence Pact of Oceania (MDPO)

Beginning as a political solution to increased South Seas piracy and American expansionism in the Pacific, the MDPO has since become a military organisation.  Originally led by Australia and New Zealand, the severing of political ties has led to

a broader spectrum of staff from across Oceania, including some island nations previously outside the protection of the MDPO.  Because the military structure is no longer subject to political interference,which was often damaging to operations, income is subject to a pro rata ‘tithe’ on member nations, plus the retention of any funds seized in operations.  Additionally, prosecutions and other lawsuits brought by the MDPO Attorney General’s Department (AGD) renders funds to the organisation by the seizure of assets belonging to those found guilty in court.  it has, therefore, become an economic power capable of wielding its military arm with great effect.

One of the most critical moments in the MDPO’s existence came soon after the severance of political ties.  Following the discovery of a large oil reserve  some three hundred miles from the eastern coast of New Zealand.  The United States of North America (USNA) attempted to seize the area, but as a group of three small islands of Oceania were situated on top of the area, the MDPO acted swiftly.

Before USNA forces could arrive in support of the single frigate then claiming

ownership, a squadron of the MDPO Naval Shield, consisting of a capital aircraft carrier, three frigates, six squadron defence destroyers and two hunter-killer submarines, had occupied the waters around the islands and the waters of the oilfield.  Tensions ran high for several days, before wiser heads in Washington gained the ascendancy and the USNA backed down, withdrawing the frigate for ‘essential, overdue, maintenance’ and recalling its Task Force (South Pacific) battle group – to ‘deal with urgent humanitarian issues’ elsewhere (though nobody seemed to know where). It is noteworthy that the total population of the three islands consisted of not more than 800 persons.

Since  the establishment of the MDPO, piracy in the South Seas has declined significantly.  There is ample evidence that large corporations in the East Indies and South East Asia have withdrawn from involvement in the piracy, fearing the consequences of discovery.  One small corporation was identified as being involved and agents of the MDPO’s Intelligence Services (OIS), together with forensic specialists, were able to build a case of irrefutable evidence against the corporation.  The International Court of Criminal Justice found the corporation complicit in numerous homicides and the chief officers, and hundreds of other

employees, were found guilty of the homicides and many other crimes.  A significant number of the accused attempted to flee.  Those who were not captured immediately were traced and arrested by agents of the OIS.  Of Just over eight hundred persons, a total of some thirty-eight perished resisting arrest and a further six took their own lives.  The lesson was learnt.

Alexei Dmitrov – Psych healer, GM(ES)

Alexei Dmitrov specialises in activating Psych capabilities in children suffering from multi-sensory deprivation conditions.  The treatment is particularly successful in children who are deaf-blind and deaf-blind-mute.  It is entirely ineffective in adults.

The son of ‘White Russian’ refugees who settled in Durham, England, at the time of the Russian Revolution, during the early 20th Century, he retains a mild accent but tends to enjoy a very English attitude, rather than the darker, more pessimistic Russian outlook.  His own sister was born deaf-blind but had very potent Psych abilities, though she unfortunately lacked the ‘longevity gene’ common to the majority of Psychs.

Dmitrov is under the protection of the Guardians, registered as a member of Guardians Medical (External Services), GM(ES).  This is, sadly, a necessity as he, like the other members of GM(ES), has been subjected to both prejudice against his practices and abilities and to demands beyond his ability to satisfy, due to the sheer number involved.

GM(ES) assigns both their own members according to need in the medical cases concerned, and also discreet protection details drawn from those teams (GX1 to GX4) who are permanently stationed at the Guardians’ headquarters, The Manse.  Every effort is made to maintain maximum security, and secrecy, but the ‘miracle cures’ rendered by the activities of GM(ES) members often result in the truth leaking out, as rumours at the very least.

Dmitrov, as with many other members of GM(ES), doesn’t use conventional surgical methods or drug treatments.  In fact, any surgical activity is performed by the use of  what has been dubbed microkinesis – the use of very finely tuned telekinetic methods.  The activities of ‘Psych surgeons’ must not be confused with the fake ‘psychic surgery’ often perpetrated by charlatans.

Dmitrov hasn’t, as yet, been mentioned in any of the G1: The Guardians books.

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