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By Luphil

For the last  27 years, there had been a seminar in India for the Western members of the World Teacher Trust in the month of Capricorn. It is the month where the sun starts its northern coursing and it is a good time for re-directing the inner attention to the upward path. For me it’s now the 14th trip to participate in this intense time of diving deep into wisdom concepts and experiencing the group living. The meetings start with participating in a 3 day celebration, the Guru Pujas, in honor of the great Masters of eternal wisdom. This year I only arrived while the celebration had already started, one week ago.
Like in the last years, I would like to share with you some impressions from the tour. Here is the first part, about the Guru Pujas.


When riding through the tunnel at Zurich Airport to the departure dock it’s preparing for a jump into another world.

I “hopped” to India via Dubai and Hyderabad. At the arrival at Visakhapatnam airport I took a taxi to Simhachalam. The driver asked me.”You go to the Guru Pujas?” and I replied, yes. Then he told me that he is living in this little village, and he even knew the place of the new location – it changed this year because more space was needed to accomodate all the 3.500-4.000 participants.

On my arrival the fire ritual of the first day was already approaching the end. Friends had reserved me a seat at the table of the technic support where I could plug-in my laptop and even later got a stick for mobile internet connection.


Sri Kumar and Kumari-Garu conduction the fire ritual, spreading beautiful elevating vibrations throughout the surroundings.

The huge tent-hall was very nicely decorated, and I enjoyed the colourful sarees of the ladies and the white dress of the men – such a contrast to the black and gray of the coolness in Switzerland.


However, I was quite tired from the journey – though it went quite fast, except a 2.5 hs delay due to fog in Vizag – and spent the first and also part of the second day between sleep and phases of wakefulness, somehow feeling like in a soft dream.


In the evening: Lighting of butter-lamps in front of the podium


A beautiful light decoration along the street to the assembly hall


Sunday morning the western group members were meditating with Sri Kumar on the podium

Preparing lunch – many such pots were filled with vegetables


The women arranged in long rows for celebrating the Lalitha Puja in honor of the Divine Mother


Jayadev translating from Telugu to English for the online transmission of the Guru Puja


Ravi Shankar conducting the Water RItual in honor of the Cosmic 1st Logos


A butter lamp on the podium


The book stand


Fusion of East and West – an Indian and a German violonist playing in the nearby palm forest, while a farmer is listening


On the backside of the hall a Ganesha statue

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