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Back in the Dating Scene? Tips to Find Summer Love.

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

Perhaps you have gone through a divorce, or maybe you just ended a long-term relationship. Now you find yourself back in the dating scene. Looking for love is not easy, and at times it can feel like another job! Here is the good news. The summer offers more options to meet people. Tips to find summer love can help.

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Of course, love can happen in any season, and in the most unlikely places. If you’re looking to meet someone, start by doing things you enjoy. Go to church, temple, and volunteer with groups such as animal rescue. Join clubs such as the Audubon Society. You have to mingle! Remember that the only thing that comes delivered is pizza.

Summer is a great time to find someone.  It’s naturally easy to meet people outdoors, such as at a lawn concert. Go to the beach or pool, play outdoor volleyball, and attempt golfing. Take a friend along and visit a lake or park in another town where you don’t know anyone. Be adventurous.

Whether you meet anyone or not, the county fair is sure to be a great summer destination. It’s going to be hot, so wear shorts, a t-shirt, a straw hat, and tennis shoes. During the day, there will be a chance to meander through shady barns of chickens and sheep. There probably will be rides and games. Food choices often include barbecued chicken and corn dogs, washed down with ice-cold lemonade. At night, there may be country music. If there’s a Ferris wheel, it may be lit up for the evening. There’s just something about a fair that has potential romance hanging expectantly.

Perhaps the guy looking at the horses has just taken his sunglasses off, and his eyes are the most fabulous blue you’ve ever seen. Close the distance between you without being too obvious. Then say hi, and talk about what you are seeing (a horse, for example) or how hot the weather is. Be casual. Smile. Give a compliment. Introduce the person to the friends you came with. Ask if the person would like to go get lemonade or some lunch. Who knows what this could lead to? Perhaps a wedding serving funnel cake, with an exchange of vows at the Ferris wheel.  

Maybe you’ve been invited to a summer wedding. We all know the chances of meeting people are high, and the stage is set for romance already. So go for it, and say “hello.”  Your gain could be some interesting conversation and meeting a neat person.


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