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By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

It’s been reported that The Bachelor reality dating show is having a resurgence. Apparently viewers are tuning back in and there are many “Bachelor” viewing parties in which groups of women (and men too) watch together and critique the show, cast, story line and most importantly, the choices made at each rose ceremony.

Of course, everyone has always had their favorites, and there have always been “fan favorites,” who often end up being the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. It appears that virtually everything is ratings driven. Sean was a fan favorite on Emily’s season and has been popular as a hunky nice guy who doesn’t have any of those “nice guy” traits that don’t appeal to most women- ones like unassertive, lacking in confidence, lacking intensity and the ability to push back. We all know them and hate when we find a guy who is nice, but too “nice.”

Now that Sean is down to his final two, bets are being taken and everyone has their favorite pick. Of course, there is reality Steve, who predicted quite some time ago that Catherine would be the winner and Lindsay would be sent home broken hearted. Since Lindsay is a current fan favorite- getting sent home might be the best thing that happens to her as she could end up the next Bachelorette.

It’s anyone’s guess why the show is gaining traction among viewers. Perhaps because there have finally been a couple of matches that have lasted. There have also been a number of successful couplings that have resulted from contestants from different seasons meeting at reunion parties and functions and finding love- the old fashioned way.

Next week we get to see who Sean chose and watch them together as they discuss how their relationship has progressed since the cameras stopped running. If reality Steve is correct, they are engaged and planning to marry this summer. Now that would be a first.

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