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Bachelor fans—Can You Resist Reality Steve?

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

The NY Times ran a fun and interesting piece the other day on Reality Steve. Many Bachelor fans know who this guy is—the one who posts spoilers on his site, detailing each rose ceremony, every date, behind the scenes talk about the contestants, and who ends up with the final rose.

Steve is usually right in his predictions. He scours the web looking for anything he can find on social media, tabloids, and gossip sites that is related to the current or upcoming season. He also has sources (a mole?) who feed him some pretty accurate stuff. Apparently this started four seasons ago (13th season) when Jason Mesnick was the bachelor. Reality Steve got an email saying that Jason had dumped his first choice on the “After the Rose” show and reconnected to the runner up, who he is now married to. Steve went with this, and a (reality TV) star was born.

Reality Steve’s predictions are so accurate that they could ruin much of the fun for viewers. Apparently most people stay away until after the show is well underway, when it must get harder to resist knowing if He picked that woman you hate or went for the one who is really right for him.

Steve has been wrong once or twice, but usually finds out just before something airs and quickly goes in and changes the information. It’s a part time gig that earns him a “comfortable 6-figure income.” He is 40 and single and admits that his employment and career could be a problem for him in dating, so he prefers to date women who know what he does beforehand.

Going up against a big corporation like ABC has its downsides. He has been sued twice for trying to go around contracts and the law, but now manages to get free and legal information for his predictions. Apparently there is much to be had if you are creative and determined to find it. Reality Steve admits he is not a fan of the show and would not watch it if it wasn’t how he makes his living.

If you are a Bachelor fan and just HAVE to know if He got rid of so and so, or is falling for what’s her name, you can always cheat and check out Reality Steve’s site at

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