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Posted on the 22 July 2011 by Bgdn_adrian
BabyproofDescription: This service consists of all the work necessary to ensure the safety of the baby in the house. These works include: masking switches, sockets, cables, special locks for cabinets where the sharp objects are, attaching protective material on sharp furniture corners etc.
  The business is setting up a company to deal with the house, in a manner that enables babies to avoid accidents. It is an activity that requires training, specific materials and technical

knowledge, so many people would prefer to pay a sum of get rid of thoughts and worries.
Resources needed: - documentation regarding the materials and methods required for such works
   - Implementation of jobs portfolio
   - Expenses related to the procurement of necessary materials
Pros: - the service is easy and inexpensive to apply
   - Materials used for these works are found in stores
   - It can become a very popular service, if properly promoted
Cons: - high responsibility, one needs to do a  top quality job every time, for any errors in execution could lead to future accidents
Conclusions: This service, if done professionally, can become a very popular for parents and bring to those who choose to invest in such activity big profits.

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