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Babyliss Hair Dryer

By Ty Watson

Babyliss is the name one of the most popular brands that manufactures hair dryers. Although the brand is now being owned by another hair dryer producer known as "Conair", BaByliss is still much an independent product brand.

Why are they so popular?

BaByliss are popular because they make it easy for everyone to have a product perfect for their hair requirements and suitable for their budget. These are made possible because they have been in existence for many years and have an extensive range and variety of products.

What different models do they offer for different budgets?

BaByliss currently offers some of the best hair dryer in the market. But here are some models that might suite your needs:

Babyliss PRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer

This product is very quiet and light. With 1900 watts blowing power, it dries hair faster. It also features tourmaline and titanium technology which generates negative ions in higher quantities for incredible shine, and far-infrared heat for fast drying and easy styling. The combination of tourmaline and titanium makes this BaByliss hair dryer very effective. Its lightness also makes sure it is convenient to use. This product can be bought online for a price around $57 or less.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer

Babyliss Hair Dryer

This product is designed for intensive use. With 2000 watts blowing power, it is suitable for drying all types of hair and textures. It uses ionic and titanium ceramic technology to produce strong styling results. The hand-held provides high ionic conditioning, sealing water in the hair shaft. The same procedure is based on the ionic brightness. It also frizzes and softens hair. Ionic drying also makes healthier by drying the hair shorter and less heat.

This product can be bought online for a price below $90 but could be priced a bit over $100 in an offline store.

BaByliss Pro Thermal Ionic Rollabout Dryer

This portable rollabout dryer has a 1600 watts blowing power. Its in-built airflow diffuser ensures you enjoy professional quality and salon-results. The product also features three temperature settings to provide extra convenience. The presence of the heavy duty spine locks adapter help in securing the bonnet to the inner chrome stand and the durable base prevents tipping. This dryer is very easy to clean. You can get it for anything around $75 on the internet. I can't really say how much it will cost you, if you are buying offline.

What Should You Look Out For When Buying Babybliss Hair Dryers

When buying a BaByliss hair dryer, you should first consider the need you need fulfilled. If you are buying it for personal use, then you want to make sure that you buy the one that suites such need. If you travel a lot, you should consider buying a more flexible one. And if you are buying for your saloon, make sure you consider the number of customers you will be using it on daily.

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