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Baby Names Inspired by Flowers

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Baby names inspired by flowers

Much like beautiful newborn babies, fresh flowers also have a wonderful way of making us smile. In fact, many parents even choose to name their children after some of the world's most wonderful floral beauties. Here are some of the most common flower baby names that have proven popular over the years.

Blossom is a cute flowery name loved by many. Even if you don't fancy it as your little girl's first name, it will also make an excellent choice for their middle name. It's also wonderfully feminine and flowers like cherry blossoms can always be associated with special occasions like her birthday.

Camelia is another popular name and these flowers are known for their sweet fragrance. Not to mention their amazing beauty of course! Dahlia is another popular flower name and it is associated with a great deal of dignity and elegance. It might seem like a "big" name for a little girl, but it will become increasingly more appropriate as she grows.

Daisy is a fun flower name and it's the kind of name that will always make you smile. Daisies are joyful flowers and their beauty is in their simplicity. All of these factors make this a lovely name for any girl. Iris is also a refined name, like Dahlia, and is associated with the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

Lily is often used as a shortened verson of Lillian but many people now choose to go with Lily because it's shorter and not as old fashioned. Lilies are some of the most spectacular and fragrant flowers of them all which makes this name an excellent choice for a girl.

Many people think that flower names are only for girls. However, there are also a few flower names that will suit boys. For example, Antonio is a lovely name and it is associated with the world "anthos" which is Greek for flower. The name Jarred means rose in Hebrew yet it is in no way a name that can be considered in any way feminine. Another option is to name him after the Sweet William flower. The name William is a strong name for any boy and there are many influential figures throughout history with this name.

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