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Baby Girl Killed by Dangerous Dog

By Harry @web_pensioner
type102_72906052_mercury_ava_jayne_corless_08 11 month Ava-Jayne Marie Corless was mauled by an American pit bull terrier as she lay sleeping in her bed.The mother 20 and her boyfriend were downstairs at the time of the attack. 

She was taken to hospital from Emily Street, Blackburn, at 11 pm on Monday where she died.
BBC News

She mother and her boyfriend are under arrest for manslaughter. Blame the mother and her boyfriend because this dog is not allowed in Briton under the “ Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 “.

They are an attack dog, why would anyone want a dog like this especially when young children or a baby are about.

I know what people are going to say, i have heard it all before ” its not the dogs fault ” or maybe  ”  the dog was not brought up properly. ”  

No matter, the dog should not be in Briton, they are illegal, they are only to make some dick head young man look good.

The dog was put down a few hours later.

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