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Baby Annabell Stroller

By Evette Garside @evette77

On the Christmas wish lists of many little girls each year is a baby Annabell doll. Once those little girls have their dream doll they will then no doubt want some of the many accessories to use with baby Annabell.

Baby Annabell; for those that don't know, is a life like baby doll. There is now both the girl and boy version and both are a realistic size compared to a new born baby. They even fit in some smaller baby clothes. The dolls come with a few small accessories such as the bottle, dummy, bib etc. The baby Annabell dolls are part of Zapf creation and there are lots of accessories to use with baby Annabell dolls. These include beds, outfits, changing tables, feeding accessories and prams and buggies for taking the dolls for walks.

This is just one of the buggies for baby Annabell.

This one is pink which suits Izebella just fine. It also has the sheep chats design. The sheep being another accessory that can nr purchased. As well as being really light and weighing just 780g (approx), it is also very low in height which is perfect for younger and smaller children.

The stroller comes ready built and in a clear plastic package, no building and no bulky packaging. It can be taken from the packet and is ready for use.

It may be small and light but it seems pretty strong and sturdy and not the type of thing that feels like it will fall apart.

As for price - I have been browsing a few stores online and the varying prices seem to fall between £20-£30.

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