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Babble Continues to Violate Our 1st Amendment Rights!

By Monicasmommusings @mom2natkatcj
It is no secret that I have had my run ins with I spoke of problems with them here and here. It really should come as no surprise to me that when someone posted a comment and never had it go up that Andrea Zimmerman, Babble's blog editor, would say the comment was "unduly hostile towards the blogger". But here I am completely and totally shocked!
Why would I be surprised?
Babble continues to do things that completely boggle the mind. So why should anything they do now surprise me? Well because of the countless comments that I have seen make it through on Babble that were not considered unduly hostile. And the nature of this comment was not what I would consider hostile by any stretch of the imagination. But hey, don't take my word for it. I was sent this blog comment that was ruled unduly hostile. The commenter had the foresight to take a screen shot of it. And you will get to see what's considered unduly hostile by Babble.
Babble continues to violate our 1st Amendment rights!
I left the other two comments there because one could argue that the first commenter was hostile. Then the reply from the "writer" could be considered hostile. But no, it's the last comment there that is deemed "unduly hostile".
So lets take a look at what isn't "unduly hostile"!
I know I have seen some comments on Babble that can be considered much worse than anything here. So I took a quick peek and found some whoppers for you!
Babble continues to violate our 1st Amendment rights!These were just a few that I picked up off of this post!
How about these?
Babble continues to violate our 1st Amendment rights!Those came off of this post!
All comments that certainly seem much more hostile towards a Babble writer. There's certainly a lot of name calling there which might not be necessary. So why does this writer get called an idiot and uneducated, but the other one is reminded of her past which she apparently forgot or was trying to hide and that's unduly hostile?
Lets not forget, Babble also likes to let their readers be insulted
It wasn't long ago that I wrote this post about Babble hating an entire state of people. These comments weren't against the writer, but against other people leaving comments AND a whole state of people:
Babble continues to violate our 1st Amendment rights!
Babble continues to violate our 1st Amendment rights!
So insulting people leaving comments, insulting a whole state there and when one of the people commenting tries to defend herself what does Babble do? Well, they remove that comment of course. Was it unduly hostile again against their writer? Or maybe Babble is just trying to protect their image because they know they messed up when they hired this blogger. Somehow I don't think that plan is working out so well for them.
Or maybe they just really don't care what is said about their readers and certain bloggers have a thicker skin when it comes to the comments that are left and don't go whining to mommy because someone ratted her out. Because here are more comments insulting readers:
Babble continues to violate our 1st Amendment rights!Really not sure what to make of all of this.
Babble encourages you to comment!
When I was concerned that a blogger was spreading misinformation on Babble I had contacted the Babble blogger editor to tell her my concerns. She was sure to tell me that the nature of blogs are opinion and that if I had any information to contradict what was written I should comment. But how can I be sure that information will get out there if Babble doesn't like the tone I use to leave my comment? Their writers can spread misinformation and no one can correct them because Babble is violating our 1st amendment rights. But apparently only some of the time and with some of their bloggers they do this. It doesn't really seem right, does it?
Will Disney do anything now that they own Babble?
I keep hoping that the merger of Babble and Disney will have a profound affect on the running of the site. That lousy unethical writers on Babble will be fired. That more people will be hired to do fact checking on these blogs. This is a large publication and there should be a great level of professionalism. One which currently they do not have. These blogs can be written by moms, but they shouldn't be writing them as if they are experts on a subject. And bloggers shouldn't be enabled by Babble to continue lying to the general public. If someone has information about a blogger I want to hear it. We should hear it. Babble should be listening and taking it seriously, but instead they are helping bloggers continue to run and cover their tracks. What a shame that more research is not being done on the Babble contributors. Sure would be nice to see Disney change that.
What do you think of Babble? Are they protecting their writers over their readers?

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