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BA Star GLITTER Make-up

By Tinacolada @StyleScribbles
Today's post is all about glitter, dance and cheer!
I talked about the BA Star products a while back and finally got to try the glitter and glue in holo silver.
BA Star GLITTER Make-up   First thing that I noticed and loved about it is that the glue is not at all sticky, like some other brands that I have tried before, it is transparent and comfortable on the skin, so the application on the eyelids is pretty neat. The second best thing about BA Star glitters is that they feel soft and just like any eye shadow that you would apply. I have previously had other brands which would feel almost sandy or grainy on my skin and would at times itch. This was a very pleasant surprise.   BA Star GLITTER Make-up     As you can see in the above picture, they come in various different colors. The application was easy, the glue had a neat doe foot applicator and the glitter sticks to it with almost zero fallout, making it last long for cheer leading, dancing and even stage performances.   Another way to use the glitter that I want to share is to mix it with your moisturiser. Take a bit of moisturiser on your palm and throw some glitter over it, mix it well and apply all over your body. It stays and because the glitter is soft it does not feel uncomfortable at all.   The retail price for both the products is $8.75 each, which is perfect considering you only need a little dash of this cute pixie dust :) to bedazzle your make-up.   You can get these on BASTAR.COM And for StyleScribbles readers there is a  50% OFF your Order, use the coupon code BBGLITZ   Visit for more bling, make up kits and other cool stuff! Until then, B-A-star, BE Awesome. xx

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