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B-raw-nies Win!

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
B-raw-nies win!I know, I promised my next post would be the green smoothie post.  But, that was before I got word from Everyday Health that my "Frosted B-raw-nies" recipe won the gluten-free contest! 
B-raw-nies win!I blurbed about it on fb yesterday, and had to share it with you today, because really, those of you that added your comment brought my recipe to the judges table.  The comments picked up in the last few days with other entries, and I wasn't sure if my recipe would be eligible for the voting.  Each and every vote mattered.  Thanks to you sweet folks that took the time to go through to the Everyday Health site, register, and vote.  With your support, my lil' brownie recipe made it to the judges - and won!  Whoop, whoop!
What's very cool for me is that this is the first recipe contest I have ever entered.  And, it's neat that a vegan recipe came through to win amongst other non-vegan recipes.  Hurray for vegan and gluten-free!  And raw frosting. :D  
Now, anyone want to show me how to use an iPad? ;)  Kidding.  I'll get with the program, it's too exciting not to!  Thank you again for voting, really, I mean it.
(Hey now, I just realized I didn't mention which of the tweal pieces are my favorites.  There's a lot I love, but two of my favorites are the first two photos in my last post - the dress and argyle sweater.  I mean, how did Judy manage to make an argyle sweater look so darn fun?  And, since that giveaway, she's posted girls' dresses, and how cute is this?)

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